MGM vs Grokster Copyright Ruling: "We hold that one who "DISTRIBUTES" a "DEVICE" with the object of "PROMOTING" its use to infringe copyright, as shown by clear expression or other affirmative steps taken to foster infringement, is "LIABLE" for the resulting acts of infringement by third parties." . . . . . . . Regardless of the device's non-infringing uses.


This document will show how CBS/Cnet/ knowingly continues to build a Network of Peer to Peer Applications where minors are induced to pirate copyrighted works. But much worse, CBS/Cnet earns hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue directly from the creation of this Network, where studies scientifically show that thirteen percent (13%), of the Network's traffic is Child Pornography.

This includes images and video of infants and small children being raped and molested. They know what has happened and they continue to encourage the Network's use and its distribution as much as possible. CBS/CNET have never been held accountable.
The purpose of CBS/Cnet's scheme is to distribute this peer to peer software (Bittorrent, Lime Wire, Azereus, Kazza, FrostWire and many others), to create an IPTV Network to dominate the Internet as a distribution platform. Note that over several years, this peer to peer Network would save CBS billions of dollars in bandwidth charges whilst delivering Video across this Network.

The people who fund and manage CBS/Cnet also created an organization called MediaDefender. MediaDefender was meant to oversee and monitor the distribution growth of this Network. MediaDefender was presented to other media companies like NBC as a Copyright protection group to which NBC and others paid millions of dollars in fees to protect them from piracy.
Incredibly, the officers of MediaDefender actually engaged in trafficking pornography to the Users themselves. Everyone involved knew that a large proportion of these Users were Children.
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